Stop For Food At One Of These Cool Restaurants In Tampa FL

Isn’t it fun discovering the best restaurants in a city? Considering how many choices you have in Tampa, we could explore options all day long. Knowing what’s good to eat when you’re on vacation is a plus. Here are four of Tampa’s best places to eat, and I hope that you have some great dining experiences while in The Big Guava.

What about some Greek cuisine? Acropolis Greek Taverna is the spot, and the location is 1833 East 7th Avenue. Order up kabobs, a gyro platter, a dish called spanakopita and more. You might be familiar with spanakopita, but I’m not. I’m assuming it’s something that involves pita bread. I mention it, however, because when there are dishes featured as menu highlights that I can’t pronounce, it intrigues me. A dining experience at Acropolis Greek Taverna would be a delight.

Bernini Restaurant is supposed to be all about great Italian food. You’re talking about wood-fired pizza first of all. Also, you can order up lasagna, crispy duck and so much more. If you are familiar with Ybor City and plan to stop by while in Tampa, that’s a good reason to visit this dining establishment. Have you ever tried Finlandia Martinis?

Osteria Natalina is the next top dining establishment in Tampa FL. The location is 3215 South Macdill Avenue, and it’s also a place to order up authentic Italian food. This small and intimate eatery features a wonderful setting, and it’s also a great place to eat seafood. Seafood is often incorporated into authentic Italian cuisine, and it seems to be quite popular at Osteria Natalina.

After those three picks, you’re going to smile when you read this next one. It’s called the Taco Bus, and yes, it’s a bus. Located at 913 East Hillsborough Avenue, Taco Bus is locally famous, as it has been featured on Food Network. It’s a great place to get a quick lunch that is quite delicious. People rave about the tacos, burritos and more that are served up at the Taco Bus.

Tampa FL has a ton of places you can choose from when you’re out and about and hungry. These top restaurants are some of the most well-reviewed and preferred dining establishments in Tampa FL. While the 3 other picks impressed me, I can’t get my mind off this Taco Bus. It just sounds like a really cool place to stop for food.